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Learn to Speak 'Alien'

Posted on Jul 4, 2013

Lucas How to Speak Alien 1

Nick star Lucas Cruikshank is the expert on everything extraterrestrial thanks to his show Marvin Marvin, but sometimes even he gets stumped by some out-of-this-world customs. He chirped, "The people angrily honking at me are just saying hello, right?" Sounds like a pretty alien way of saying hi, if you ask us. In fact, it got us thinking... how do aliens really say hello out there on planet Klooton? Well, we've got a few tips. Check out how to say "what's up" on another planet!

Lucas How to Speak Alien 2

Everyone loves a good high five, but aliens always have their hands-full with space rocks and moon cheese. What's a good replacement? An antenna, of course! Slapping feelers is a custom reserved for only the best of outer space buds.

Lucas How to Speak Alien 3

Sometimes you don't want to mess up your super stellar-do, so how do you say hey to a passing pal? With a foot shake of course! Touching toes is a great for a quick feet meet and greet.

So, if you're ever planet-jumping and want to make a good impression on the locals, remember these tips and you'll fit right in!


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