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Lucas Hates Cute Sneezing

Posted on May 6, 2013

Lucas Cruikshank Pet Peeve Sneezing 1

Ah-Ahhh-Ahhh, AH-CHOO!!! Sorry guys, we've got a case of the sniffles. But we'll try our best to keep it down, 'cause we heard a certain someone has a sneeze-y pet peeve! We're talking about Marvin, Marvin star, Lucas Cruikshank. He told Clevver TV that there's something about sneezes that gets on his last nerve! He also spilled tons of other fun facts when asked to give his rapid-fire answers to some this-or-that questions. Check out the recap of it all, below!

Lucas Cruikshank Pet Peeve Sneezing 2

Here's Lucas' picks for beaches versus mountains, his fit about funky sneezes and more!

TV or movies: "Movies."
Favorite holiday: "Halloween."
Beach or mountains: "Beach."
Pet peeve: "People who try to make their sneezes sound cute."
Favorite vacation spot: "Florida."
Nebraska or California: "Nebraska all the way!"
Texting or talking: "Talking, sometimes."
Favorite day of the week: "Friday."
Cats or dogs: "Cats."
Favorite nickname: "Luke."
Werewolves or vampires: "Werewolves."
Werewolves or wizards: "Wizards."
Sneakers or flip flops: "Sneakers."

Lucas Cruikshank Pet Peeve Sneezing 3

So Lucas doesn't really hate sneezes, he just hates the adorable ones (who knew they could be so cute?). But next time we feel a little tickle in our nose, we know how we'll be letting it out... loud, proud, and full of snot!


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