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Matt's New Language

Posted on Apr 24, 2013

Matt Bennett New Language 1

How awesome would it be if all the words you knew were suddenly replaced by a bunch of sillier words instead? One thing's for sure, life would be a lot more interesting! Matt Bennett came up with a whole new way of talking the talk. AKA he created his own language! Check out his dictionary of tweets below, to learn the new lingo.

Matt Bennett New Language 2

"New word for puppies: pumpies."
"New word for chickens: chickanins."
"New word for uncle: nuncle."
"New word for kittens: mahunis."
"How I say, "'Hi my name is Matt Bennett:' 'Hi, me momo Mott Bonnott.'"
"New word for fantastic: fanchapstick."
"New word for @VictoriaJustice : A-tora Borealis."
"Ducks: Ducklins."

Matt Bennett New Language 3

And if you're having a hard time pronouncing these new phrases, Matt's got you covered. He has the perfect new word for any frustrating situation... crumb! "New word for something bad or disappointing: crumb. Ex: Ah crumb!" he chirped.

So, now that you're all caught up on the world's wackiest new language, make sure to keep practicing. Ducklins. Pumpies. Fanchapstick!


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