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Matt's Wacky Words of Wisdom

Posted on Mar 9, 2013

Matt Advice 1

Sometimes you're in need of some good advice. Other times, you just need a laugh. This solves BOTH! While in the tweet trees, we wrangled up the most hilarious words of wisdom from Victorious star Matt Bennett. And whether or not you choose take his two cents (don't worry, it's not stealing), it's still worth a giggle. Check it out!

Matt's Word of the Wise 1: While out on the town, scream funny things as loud as you can. Just don't be surprised if you get some odd stares. "Fun thing to do during a movie," Matt chirped, "Every time someone rolls dice, regardless of outcome, yell "SNAKE EYES!"

Matt Advice 2

Matt's Word of the Wise 2: Give your pets extremely generic names. "From now on, every cat is named 'Mittens.' It is the perfect cat name," Matt tweeted. "From now on, every dog is named 'Bandit.' It is the perfect dog name."

Matt Advice 3

Matt's Word of the Wise 3: When feeling down, treat your motor vehicle to a bath. "Everyone should have the right to a free car wash now and then," Matt chirped.

This has been Wacky Words of Wisdom from Matt Bennett. If you do choose to take these tips to heart, be warned... Movie theater employees may no longer give you discounted popcorn. And when you do shout out your dogs name in the park, you might be welcoming in hundreds of pooches. Otherwise, go fourth!


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