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Why The Funny Face?

Posted on Mar 28, 2013

Nathan Kress Why The Funny Face 1

We all make funny faces sometimes. But there's always a reason! Maybe we're posing for a wacky pic, maybe we smell something funky, or possibly, we made the funny face for so long it got permanently stuck! Just kidding, that can't really happen (can it?). Anyway, we found this hilarious pic of Nathan Kress looking silly and we just had to ask... Why the funny face?

Nathan Kress Why The Funny Face 2

Did Nathan come face to face with a 10 foot tall, furry sasquatch? Ahhh! Look out!

Nathan Kress Why The Funny Face 3

Could he have walked into a room filled with hundreds of smelly socks? Ew, we'd definitely make an odd expression if we smelled that stank...

Nathan Kress Why The Funny Face 4

Or maybe, at lunch, he took a bite of his peanut butter and jelly sandwich but realized it wasn't PB and J at all. It was actually PB and sardines! Yuck!

Nathan Kress Why The Funny Face 5

Okay, okay, while this game is pretty fun to play, we've gotta reveal the true answer. Nathan didn't see a sasquatch, enter a lair of smelly socks, or eat a PB and sardines sandwich. The real reason why Nathan Kress is making this funny face is... Because Jennette McCurdy is giving him a scratch attack! This pic was snapped while these guys were goofing around on the iCarly set. And we've gotta say, it made for one oddly memorable photo.


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