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Nick Detective!

Posted on May 21, 2013


Are you a pro mystery solver? Good. Then you've come to the right place. 'Cause we need your help! We found a handful of curious clues at the Nickelodeon studios and we just can't seem to figure out what happened. Here's what we do know... this mystery has got something to do with one of our favorite stars! Can you help us by playing Nick Detective? Alrighty, here goes!


We found this piece of paper crumbled up in the set trash can. But there's a problem, the writing is all smudged! It looks like it's a tweet, but we're not sure what it means. Can you figure out who this chirp belongs to? It seems like they were having a bit of a wardrobe problem...


We also found a green pair of sneakers on the studio lot. Oddly, next to the sneakers we also found some broccoli crumbles. Broccoli?! We know, very curious...


So what could a smudged out tweet, a bunch of broccoli and a pair of green sneakers have in common? Well, we know that this mystery-tweeter had a hard time wearing this piece of wardrobe. But what does this uncomfortable costume have to do with veggies? Do you know who this Nick celeb could be? Give us a guess and help us out!


We've got it!! This quirky costume belonged to Sam and Cat superstar Ariana Grande! She wore a costume of broccoli during the Victorious episode, 'Diddly Bops!' But what did her tweet really say? Well, we found the whole chirp in the tweet trees and it reads, "Wearing this broccoli was literally one of the hardest things ever, the top part weighed around 30 pounds and i'm miniature. haha." Well, even though this wardrobe was pretty difficult for tiny Ariana to wear, it was definitely worth it for all the laughs! Thanks for helping us solve this Nick mystery. Until next time...


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