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Fashion Friday: Ryan's A Tie Guy

Posted on May 10, 2013

Fashion Friday Ryan Potter Bow-Tie 1

It's Fashion Friday! And just in time for the weekend, we're dishing on some funky fashions from our fave stars. Did you know that Supah Ninjas celeb Ryan Potter has an awesome bow-tie collection? It's true. He wears them practically 24/7. Just see for yourself!

Fashion Friday Ryan Potter Bow-Tie 2

It's not always easy to piece together a top-notch outfit, but sometimes, a little bit of accessorizing will do the trick. Ryan chose to pair this busy, stripped button-down with a flowered bow-tie and suspenders to make his look Orange Carpet ready!

Fashion Friday Ryan Potter Bow-Tie 3

And when it comes to trendy ties, Ryan proves that it's all about color coordination! Ryan knows how to mix up the colors and patterns to give the classic bow-tie look a little extra kick.

Will these tiny ties be this summer's newest fashion? It's definitely possible. And now, all you have to do to get your look 100 percent perfect is to study these Ryan Potter pics!


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