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These Guys Had A Fabulous Year

Posted on Dec 31, 2013

Why ____ Had A Fabulous Year 1

2013 has been a great year for us all, but for these four Nick characters, things have been extra great! Read on to find out why!
First up we've got SpongeBob. He had an extra special 2013 because he got to spend it doing what he loves the most: making Krabby Patties, jelly fishing with his best friend and annoying the barnacles out of Squidward. It doesn't get more fabulous than that!

Why ____ Had A Fabulous Year 2

Next up we've got Plankton...This year he got closer than ever to finally nabbing the Krabby Patty Secret formula! He still doesn't have it, but he came close and that's gotta count for something, right?!

Why ____ Had A Fabulous Year 3

Miles also had a pretty great 2013. He went a whole year without truly scaring anyone! Plus, his bow tie collection was finally certified by the National Association of Classy Ghost Gentlemen. He always knows how to keep things classy!

Why ____ Had A Fabulous Year 4

Last, but not least, we've got Cat! Cat defied all odds in 2013 when she learned how to use the microwave AND the toaster -- at the same time! She's also co-owner of a booming babysitting business, which is also pretty cool too!

All these guys had a pretty awesome 2013. Just think of all the stuff they'll do in the New Year! Can't wait.


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