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Guess The Lyrics

Posted on Jul 28, 2013

Guess The Lyrics 7-28 1

Hold on to your comb, hairbrushes, and/or any object that resembles a mic and get ready to sing. We're playing your favorite musical game, Guess the Lyrics. If you don't know the rules, allow us to give you a little warm up... we dish you the lyrics, and you name who sings 'em. It's as easy as that (...or so you think). If you're up for the challenge, then the show starts now!

Guess The Lyrics 7-28 2

Time to put those vocal chords to work, 'cause here goes the lyrics!

There's a mountain between us / But there's one thing I'm sure of / That I know, how I feel, about you

Are you feeling good about this one? We hope so, because the celeb that belts this lovely tune is...

Guess The Lyrics 7-28 3

Miranda Cosgrove! We've been total fans of this gal since day 1, so it's no surprise that we're totally digging her song, About You Now years after it's release on the radio. It's definitely one of our throwback favorites! So, did you guess right? 'Cause by the sound of your groove, we're pretty sure you had the answer at the first chord. :) Join us for the next round of Guess the Lyrics, and 'til then, happy singing!


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