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Who's Pranking The Nick Stars?

Posted on Apr 1, 2013


Did you hear?! There's something crazy going down at the Nickelodeon studios!! We've been getting a number of strange reports from our Nick stars about a certain-someone wreaking havoc on the set. But who is this mysterious prankster? That's where you come in... We need your help figuring it out! This looks like a classic case of whodunit...


It was reported at 10:26AM (LA time) this morning, that James Maslow's lucky comb went missing. Ah! How will James keep his pretty locks looking perfectly smooth? Okay, let's not freak just yet, 'cause there was one piece of evidence found at the scene of the crime... a set of footprints! But these aren't just any footprints. They're giant-sized. In fact, they don't even look human!


Our next report of questionable shenanigans came in from the Sam and Cat set. We were told Ariana Grande's dressing room was toilet papered. She walked in to find TP all over her stuff! But wait, there's something else she found... a weird, long, tuft of fur. Fur?! Hmmm, very peculiar...


We also heard that Noah had quite the surprise while taking an early lunch break today at the Nick studios. Someone snuck into his lunch pack and stole a bite of his PB and bologna! Trust us, Noah was not happy about it.

Who could be doing this? Who is behind these heinous crimes?! Okay, it's time to reveal the truth. 'Cause after looking through our clues, we know who really dunit.


It was a 12 foot tall, wildly hairy, prank-pulling sasquatch!! We caught him running around the studios chomping on Noah's bologna sammy, combing out hairballs with James' comb, with toilet paper stuck to his monstrous feet!! But how should this beastly bandit pay for his crimes??


Wait a second...this can't be real. Oh yeah, because it's not! APRIL FOOLS everybody!!! This story is 100 percent MADE UP! There was no sasquatch pulling pranks on our Nick stars today. In fact, there was no prankster at all. Well, actually, that's a lie. We're the pranksters. And you totally fell for it! LOL. Happy April 1st!!


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