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Resolution Fails

Posted on Jan 2, 2014

Resolution Fails 1

Every new year, we all make resolutions. But sometimes, they don't exactly go as planned. Take a look at these resolution fails!

Sam Puckett: Eat healthier.
We all knew this wasn't gonna happen! Sam loves food too much to ever let it go. She'd sooner let Cat give her a makeover than give up the deep fryer.

Resolution Fails 2

Patrick Star: Learn to swim.
Yes, although he lives under the sea in Bikini Bottom, Patrick is still trying to get this whole swimming thing down pat. But maybe next year! He should keep the floaties close by, just in case.

Resolution Fails 3

Louie Preston: Scare Frankie.
It hasn't happened yet, but one day Louie is bound to spook Frankie! Probably when they both least expect it. He just needs to remember, 'Pink isn't scary!'

Resolution Fails 4

Squidward Tentacles: Grow some hair.
Squidward has been rocking the bald head for quite some time now. And he just hasn't been able to sprout new strands on that big brain of his! But hey, maybe some day he'll get a new 'do. Some day...

Here's to hoping this year's resolutions are a little more successful, good luck guys!


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