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Teachers Know Best?

Posted on Sep 11, 2013

Teachers Say Best 1

In need of some back-to-school words of wisdom? You're in the right place! Err, sorta. Today we're bringing you some of the best (and weirdest) tips from your favorite Nick teachers. This WILL be on the test, so pay attention. Just kidding, there's no test. But read on anyway!

Hollywood Art's teach Mr. Sikowitz is well known for his odd-ball coaching methods. Just hear it for yourself. "I once did a show where I had to play a man in great pain. So to prepare, I threw myself down a flight of stairs. You wouldn't believe how many times I hit my head," he said. Umm, we're not really sure if that's the safest way to prep for a role, but thanks for the advice!

Teachers Say Best 2

Our next lesson comes from a very wise sewer-bound Sensei, TMNT's Splinter. He's known for his strict mastery of martial arts. So it's pretty safe to take his advice. Clear-minded Splinter has said, "The first rule of being a ninja is 'do no harm'." So the next time you hear a fly buzzing around your ears, well, don't hurt 'em!

Teachers Say Best 3

Mrs. Puff is next on our list of the most quotable teachers. She's the most patient puffer fish in Bikini Bottom, but she's been known to blow up, thanks to a certain Squarepants-ed individual. Her most timeless teaching has to be, "Just focus on the road." But just like any teacher, she knows when something's up. "Whatever this is, it's going on your permanent record!" she's been known to yell. Ouch.

Teachers Say Best 4

Tenzin is one of the best instructors around, which is why only he's fit to teach the Avatar. He says, "Admitting your fears is the first and most difficult step in overcoming them." But while you're trading wise words with this sensei, make sure you never diss his fam. One of his most notable quotes is, "Don't bring my mother into this!" Okay, okay, we won't!

Teachers Say Best 5

There's no such thing as a dumb question to the Rabbids. Actually, we're not even sure they can understand English. But anyway, if you're looking for the perfect answer to a pop quiz question, just repeat after these hilarious critters... "Bwaah? Bwaah, bwaah, bwaah."

Teachers Say Best 6

Headmistress Faragonda is the perfect professor for life lessons. She's always making sure the Winx are on their toes and she's always on the look out for danger. She says, "You must consider what you wish to do next" and, "Whatever you do, you must decide to do it together." With words like these, there's no better lady to have in charge of the gal's protecting the Magic Dimension.

Pencils down. Okay, so teacher may not always know best (bwah? bwah?), but we still hope you found these lessons worth while!


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