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Guess The Turkey

Posted on Nov 25, 2013

Guess The Turkey 1

Thanksgiving is coming up, and your favorite Nick stars and characters are celebrating the holiday with a time-honored tradition: drawing hand turkeys! They busted out the crayons, threw down some paper and got to tracing. Think you can match the art to the artist?

Hmm, now these digits look familiar. These floppy fingers seem perfectly suited for flipping patties and catching jellyfish. Think you know who this turkey belongs to?

Guess The Turkey 2

This is a tough looking turkey, done with only the mightiest of mitts. Seems like whoever drew this could gobble down fistfuls of food this Thanksgiving.

Guess The Turkey 3

Just look at this boo-tiful palm! Hmm, the owner of this hand sure knows a thing or two about creativity.

Guess The Turkey 4

Well, this picture certainly is one of a kind. It really makes you paws and think: who could be the mastermind behind this masterpiece?

Now that we took a look at all these artful hand turkeys, it's time to find out whose is whose. If your ready to hear the answers, yell, "Gobble!" Here goes...

Guess The Turkey 5

This wonderful work of art was drawn by SpongeBob Squarepants! Not bad considering there's no such thing as sea turkeys (or is there?).

Guess The Turkey 6

And this piece belongs to tough gal, Sam Puckett. Fun fact: the brown is actually BBQ sauce.

Guess The Turkey 7

This little number was drawn by The Haunted Hathaways' Louie Preston. And we gotta hand it to him, tracing is quite the accomplishment when you're a ghost.

Guess The Turkey 8

And the last turkey in this gallery of gobbling goodness was drawn by the most evil bunny around, Dr. Colosso from The Thundermans! Proof that even villains have a soft (and furry) side.

Now that you're totally inspired, follow in their footsteps and draw a turkey of your very own. Happy holidays!


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