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Why The Funny Face?

Posted on Apr 18, 2013

Noah Munck Funny Face 1

Oh Noah, we've come to know and love your totally bonkers behavior. And though you've been managing to keep your shirt on lately, you'll always be silly. But the best kind of silly! We all heart Noah 'cause he makes us laugh. In fact, he can give us the giggles even in a picture! Like this one, for example, where's he's making a fantastically funny expression. It made us chuckle so much, that we just had to ask, Why the Funny Face?

Noah Munck Funny Face 2

Did Noah just get assigned a whole bunch of chores? That's definitely reason enough for a scowl like this.

Noah Munck Funny Face 3

Or is he just singing in the shower? La-dee-la! Doo-dee-da!

Noah Munck Funny Face 4

Could Noah be embracing an attack from a giant swarm of bees?! Ahhhhhhh!

Noah Munck Funny Face 5

Nah, that's not really what's happening. The truth behind this funny face is that Noah was pretending to punch Jerry on set! Don't worry, no Jerry Trainors were injured in the making of this photograph. These guys were just horsing around!


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