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Noah Munck's Favorite Gibby Quotes

Posted on Feb 24, 2013

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Why do we love Gibby Gibson? Is it his love for liquid soap and unicorns? Is it the way he likes to draw on fruit when he's nervous? Or is it how he will tear off his shirt in a moment's notice? Actually, it's all of the above! But we aren't the only ones who heart Seattle's funniest random dancer. Noah Munck has a soft spot for his kooky character, too. And in honor of the role that made him famous, he's dishing on all things Gibby.

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In an interview with A Teen View, Noah explained that even he is guilty of giggling at some of his wacky lines. "A continuous line that's awesome is 'Gibbayyyyy,'" Noah said. "That's basically Gibby's thing now. I think two of my favorite lines are 'my mom thinks I'm awesome' and 'I like to dance with my shirt off,' those are my two iconic lines that everybody quotes."

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Then Noah explained how Gibby has evolved from quirky sidekick to full blown fan favorite. "I think Gibby kind of started as this guy who was the weirdo of the group," he said. "Like really weird...but of course all the fans love the weirdo character! And then I think he's kind of progressed. He's still weird, don't get me wrong, he's crazy! But he's progressed into a more suave, cool, ladies man."

Well one thing's for sure. Everyone loves the Gibster now. Especially the guy who got to learn all of his laugh-out-loud lines!


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