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Nick Stars Are A Lot Alike!

Posted on Jan 31, 2014

Stars Are Alike 1

Have you ever noticed how much Patrick and Cat have in common? Seriously, it's freaky! They both rock pink 24/7, they love their BFFs and they often talk at a snails pace. Is it possible they were separated at birth? Maybe. But they're not the only ones who are two of a kind...

Stars Are Alike 2

Check out Nick's most notorious salesmen... Dice and Mr. Krabs! If there's one thing that gets both these guys tickin' it's cash! Whether venturing into the art world or trying their hands in the fashion industry, you know these two have always got some big schemes brewing! Hey, maybe they should team up and start a business? We'd love to see that...

Stars Are Alike 3

And we can't forget about Sam and Frankie. These two girls mean business! Sure they both know how to pull a good prank and have a few laughs while doin' it, but it's getting revenge and kicking butt that they both know how to do best! Don't get in their way or there might be a speedy flying cake or a wound-up butter sock headed your way. You've been warned!

So what do you think? Were these duos twins in another life? We'll let you decide...


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