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Silly Celebrity Dreams: Carlos' Dream Doughnut

Posted on Jul 2, 2013

Silly Celebrity Dreams Carlos Knight 1

Supah Ninja's Carlos Knight works hard, plays hard, and sleeps hard. And using all that energy makes you hungry. So hungry, he even dreams about food. Not just any food though, special fantasy food that you only get to see if you're lucky enough to have some super silly sleepy time!

Silly Celebrity Dreams Carlos Knight 2

Carlos Knight confessed one of his recent snooze scenes, and it sounds like this Nick star really knows how to use his imagination, especially when it comes to dreaming up some fantastical eats. Hope your stomach is ready to grumble...

Silly Celebrity Dreams Carlos Knight 3

Carlos chirped, "I had a dream that I bit in to a doughnut and inside it were two more doughnuts and some french fries. #Don't ask." A double doughnut with french fry filling? That's sounds like a dish that needs to be on every menu everywhere, starting now.

Your dreams say a lot about you, and Carlos' confession tells us one thing: this guy has great taste!


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