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Bikini Bottom Fashion Flops!

Posted on Jan 13, 2014

Fashion Flops 1

Take a quick glance around Bikini Bottom and you'll see some glamorous sea creatures sporting the newest fashion trends! But even the most fabulous of fishes can have their flops from time to time. Here are some of the funniest we've seen yet.

First up, we've got Plankton rocking a retro new 'do. Though we're all about vintage, this is one trend we might wanna keep in the past.

Fashion Flops 2

Looks like Mr. Krabs tried out some new hair, too! We love the dress, but we definitely miss Mr. Krabs showing off his natural red.

Fashion Flops 3

Loving the hair on SpongeBob here! But the dress could use some work. SpongeBob really looks best sporting his signature white and brown, don't you think?

Fashion Flops 4

Next up, we've got Patrick wearing a full-grown beard. Is that even Patrick under there? He's almost unrecognizable!

Fashion Flops 5

And our last fashion flop shout out goes to stylish snail, Gary. This pet rarely has fashion fails, but it looks like Gary wasn't ready for the paparazzi in this pic. Stick to the shell Gary!

These Bikini Bottom citizens may have struck out in the fashion department, but hey, at least they took a style risk! You never know, wacky hair and snail underwear could be totally in next season.


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