Spy The Lie: Jerry

Posted on Jun 29, 2013

Spy The Lie Jerry Trainor 1

Are you a Wendell & Vinnie superfan? Or are you more of an iCarly genius? Well today we have some deets about the man behind the shows himself, Jerry Trainor! We're dishing three facts, and one of them is a total fib. Think you can Spy the Lie? Let's see!

Spy The Lie Jerry Trainor 2

Spy the Lie:
Jerry loves motorcycles!
His first job was as a popcorn maker at a movie theater.
He can speak dog!

Have you spotted which factoid is just not true? Look closer, it's RIGHT in front of your face! Got it? Okay, let's go over the facts!

Spy The Lie Jerry Trainor 3

Truth is, Jerry definitely is a motorcycle lover! Not only did he drive a sweet black bike on iCarly, but 'cycles are his thing in real life too. So what's next? Well, we weren't lying when we said that he's bilingual in dog either. Jerry played the voice of Dudley in TUFF Puppy...WOOF!

That leaves us with one fact, and there's a catch -- it's untrue! It wasn't Jerry whose first job involved making popcorn in a movie theater. It was actually his character's, Crazy Steve from Drake & Josh! Simple mix-up, right? So did you guess right? Don't worry if not, 'cause another Spy the Lie is coming soon!


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