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Pizza Party Time!

Posted on Oct 18, 2013

Pizza Party 1

Nothing says, "time to party!" like a giant pizza pie. So, when the Nick celebs decide to get together for a full-blown shindig, of course there's gotta be pepperoni! The casts of The Thundermans, Haunted Hathaways and even some peeps from the shows Instant Mom and See Dad Run hung out and got their grub on this week on the studio lot. And yes, there may have been some silly string pranks. Hey, that's what parties are for!

Pizza Party 2

We caught Ciara Bravo, Kira Kosarin and Ryan Newman chatting up a storm while partaking in some well deserved R&R. These gals are all such busy bees! And this was the perfect time to kick back.

Pizza Party 3

Luckily, the girls were able to stay out of the line of fire during the silly string battle. Damarr Calhoun and Diego Velazquez were not so lucky…

Pizza Party 4

Look out, Tylen, look out!!

Pizza Party 5

It seems like this Nick celebration was all fun and games. And we detected a mega amount of cast bonding! Take this snap of Diego and Jack horsing around, for example. If that's not brotherly love, we don't know what is.

This pizza bash might be over, but the party has just begun! These new casts have got oodles of fun ahead. 'Cause they've got the sweetest jobs, ever!


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