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Victoria's Driving Test Mishap

Posted on Jul 29, 2013

Victoria's Driving Test Mishap 1

Victorious vet Victoria Justice is on the road a lot these days, thanks to her Big Time Summer Break tour with Big Time Rush. But it might surprise you to hear that this stunning starlet doesn't actually drive! In an interview with Access Hollywood, Victoria confessed that she's a little set back when it comes to life behind the wheel.

Victoria's Driving Test Mishap 2

"I don't drive quite yet," Victoria said. But Victoria is old enough to hit the highway in her own. When it came down to taking the driving test, however, Victoria hit some speed bumps. "I failed because I didn't practice at all," Victoria admitted. "When I took my driving test, I failed as soon as we were leaving the DMV parking lot." Ouch!

Victoria's Driving Test Mishap 3

So what went wrong? "I had already failed, because I forgot to look for bicyclists and people," Victoria laughed. Even though Victoria didn't do so well with the rules of the road, she knows that practice makes perfect. So she's planning to study up really soon! "I'm going to take [the test] after I finish the tour so I can focus on it then," she said. Best of luck!


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