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Deets on Victoria's New Beats!

Posted on Jul 17, 2013


Have you been to the Summer Break Tour this summer? If you have, lucky for you! Not only is it one of the biggest shows of the summer, but Victoria Justice has been belting out some of her hip new tracks, which are officially our warm weather anthems. The Victorious vet recently released TWO awesome new songs, "Gold" and "Shake." And she told NewsOK all about it.


"They're both like really upbeat, fun songs... that you can groove and get down to," Victoria said. "'Shake' is kind of all about dancing and letting go and being spontaneous. It's a really, really fun song with a really cool message. 'Gold' is a little bit sassier but it's still like a really great upbeat summer song." And one more reason to heart these jams? They're loaded with fun pop lyrics! And Victoria's pretty much an expert when it comes to scribbling down catchy lines. "I love writing music," Victoria gushed. "It's just a great outlet and it's something that's very creative and fun for me. And I love performing."


But even though Vic is spending the summer on stage, she still misses her life on camera. "At the same time I also love playing different characters and being on set and learning from different actors and directors," Victoria added. Well, we've gotta admit, we do miss Victoria dressed in kooky costumes on screen. But hey, there's still tons to come for this multi-talented star! But for now, we're happy taking in the tunes...


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