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Avan and Victoria Are Twinsies!

Posted on Mar 11, 2013

avan victoria twinsies image 1

They say great minds think alike, but can great celebs dress alike? The answer is... YES! Besties Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia love strolling around Hollywood dressed as twins. In fact, at one particular red carpet bash, the duo showed up in the exact same duds, unplanned! Avan told BOP and Tiger Beat, "I came in with my jacket and my hat, the whole outfit, and she had same clothes!"

avan victoria twinsies image 2

But the fashion copy-catting doesn't end there. "We actually have a lot of the same clothes!" Avan continued. "It's really weird, we have the same style. Obviously, male and female version of the same style. But she always ends up stealing my jackets or my cardigans. And you can attest to this, Victoria. You have my cardigan with the checkers! And she also has my tuque, or you guys call it a beanie."

avan victoria twinsies image 3

Although we don't encourage clothing theft, we've gotta admit, seeing these BFFs decked out as twinsies is pretty adorable. In fact, we think the entire cast of Victorious should start wearing matching ensembles. It would make for the perfect all-cast family photo opportunity!


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