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Wacky Words of Wisdom

Posted on Jun 29, 2013

Wacky Words Of Wisdom 6-29-13 1

Let's face it -- life can be pretty confusing! And when this happens, sometimes all you need is a helpful hint or two. Well peeps, have no fear because today is your lucky day! Jennette McCurdy, Matt Bennett and Lucas Cruikshank have come to shed some light on things with their Wacky Words of Wisdom, right in the nick of time.

Wacky Wisdom 1: Give raisins some love! Jennette McCurdy chirped, "Raisins deserve more respect than they receive!! They are the elderlies of grapes."

Wacky Words Of Wisdom 6-29-13 2

Wacky Wisdom 2: Use funny words for fun! Or, just make 'em up when you're in awkward situations, just like Matt Bennet. "Rooty-toot-tootin #EmbarassingWordsorPhrases," he tweeted.

Wacky Words Of Wisdom 6-29-13 3

Wacky Wisdom 3: When you write in your diary, don't expect a reply! Seriously, just save yourself the embarrasment and walk away. Just look at what happened to Lucas Cruikshank when he tried: "Dear Diary, why u no never reply ever? Is u mad or sumthing at me? Concerned, Lucas."

So what have we learned today? That ALL raisins deserve respect, silly words can be a real hoot, and no matter how hard you try, dear diaries just don't talk back, only listen. Capiche? :)


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