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Jennette's Wacky Words of Wisdom

Posted on Mar 16, 2013

JM 1

Jennette McCurdy is a wise owl. And she's pretty good at making us laugh, too. That's why she's one of our favorite people to go to for hilarious words of advice! Jennette is always dishing out her two cents in the tweet trees. And her wacky words of wisdom make us LOL 24/7. So we gathered some of her funniest chirps, just for you!

Jennette's Wacky Wise Word 1: When you can't sleep, count sheep! "So I'm on my 100000000067th sheep and I still haven't fallen asleep," Jennette chirped.

JM 2

Jennette's Wacky Wise Word 2: Make up fake words, whenever possible. "Why isn't a person who makes maps a mapographer and a person who pushes carts through grocery stores a cartographer?" Jennette tweeted.

JM 3

Jennette's Wacky Wise Word 3: When it comes to trends, just do your own thing! Jennette chirped, "Mustache products are tired. Goatee products, here I come."

You heard it from Jennette... count sheep, give props to your neighborhood cartographers and when in doubt, sport some facial scruff.


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