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Weird News of the Week: Jennette's Pet Monster?

Posted on Jul 21, 2013

Weird News Jennette's Pet Monster 1

We're proud to announce that it's time for another edition of wacky news! Funny gal Jennette McCurdy shared some info that was so silly, we thought it was worthy of our Weird News of the Week headline. Don't miss it!

Weird News Jennette's Pet Monster 2

So here it is... this is the weirdest news we've heard in the past seven days. Jennette McCurdy has just adopted a pet monster! We know what you're thinking. Monsters are real?! Ahhhhh!! But don't worry, if Jennette were to care for a boogery goblin, it would be the friendliest, boogery goblin there is!

Weird News Jennette's Pet Monster 3

But the real truth is, Jennette didn't adopt a monster at all. She just discovered that one of her household appliances has a few similarities to a creature of the night. "Air conditioners sound like monsters," she tweeted. Phew! It was just a creaky AC that was causing all that racket. But Jennette, maybe keep an eye under your bed, just in case!


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