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Weird News of the Week

Posted on Mar 31, 2013

Weird News Miranda Cosgrove Green 1

Wanna hear the weirdest thing we've heard in the past 7 days? Perfect timing. 'Cause we're about to spill the Weird News of the Week! You may have thought that the biggest event this week was the Kids' Choice Awards. And you may be right. But while hanging on the Orange Carpet, we heard a piece of news that's big enough to create a huge hoopla (and cause a bit of a chuckle)!

Weird News Miranda Cosgrove 2 Green

The weird news is... Miranda Cosgrove is turning GREEN! In an interview with E! News, Miranda chatted up KCA slime and revealed, there's a chance it could change your shade! "I've been slimed 20 times," she said. "It tints your skin after you get slimed. You're kinda green for a few days, so everybody knows." And while we know Miranda didn't officially get slimed this year, she may have come in contact with the green goo at the show! So does this mean MC will be strolling around campus looking like a martian?

Weird News Miranda Cosgrove Green 3

Well, we haven't actually seen Miranda change shades yet. But we're definitely keeping an eye out. In other news, she was slimed 20 times?! Now that's impressive...


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