Big Time Rush: Big Time Decision Pictures photo album

  • P.D.A.
    Well Kendall and Lucy seem to be getting along well... but who just stumbled upon the new couple?
  • Surprise visitor!
    Just as Kendall and Lucy were getting cozy, Kendall's old flame Jo makes a surprise visit!
  • Unexpected Ex!
    Jo and Kendall used to be so close! But how does Lucy fit into all of this?
  • Hear him out
    Kendall has some 'splainin to do! Should he choose to remain with his new love Lucy or try and rekindle his past relationship with Jo?
  • Tough Decision
    Everyone loves BTR's Kendall! But how will he decide who he'll give his affection to?
  • Take a Load off
    Kendall relaxes on the set of the new Big Time Rush episode, 'Big Time Decision'!
  • Hide and Go Seek!
    What could Kendall possibly be hiding from? Surely not some sort of big decision...
  • Looks Comfy
    Kendall seems to have a new favorite spot on the set of Big Time Rush!
  • Get ready!
    The Fab Four are ready to give you the show of your life!
  • Rehearsal
    Carlos, Logan, and James sure look smooth in those shiny suits!
  • All Together Now
    The BTR Boys are gearing up to give a great performance!
  • Smooth Moves
    These guys were definitely meant for the stage!
  • Check it Out
    If you want to see Big Time Rush's new performance and find out what girl Kendall will choose, tune in to 'Big Time Decision'!