Big Time Rush: Big Time Movie Premiere photo album

  • Band of Brothers
    From filming their first flick to traveling together on tour, these guys have become more than band mates...They're like brothers!
  • Special Guests
    The BTR boys weren't the only superstars on the Orange Carpet. There were tons of Hollywood arrivals, like Samantha Droke!
  • Bravo, Ciara!
    Kendall's on screen little sis showed up looking fashion fab on the Orange Carpet. And we're giving her props for her suberb style sense.
  • Movie Meet-Up
    Big Time Movie premieres are the perfect place to catch up with old friends, like Logan hanging backstage with Demi Lovato!
  • Happy Helper
    Tanya Chisholm rocked her role as the Rocque Records assistant in Big Time Rush, and she showed up glowing on the Orange Carpet to celebrate.
  • Spy Pose
    After filming Big Time Movie, these guys are total pros at the super spy pose.
  • Please, No Pictures!
    Logan may look like he's hiding from the cameras, but he's just kidding around. He loves the spotlight!
  • Brit Boys
    Can't find out how to get to the Big Time Movie premiere? Just ask the guys of One Direction! They made it there just fine.
  • Fan Favorite
    This lucky gal got to meet her favorite boy in the band at the Big Time Movie premiere...Mr. James Maslow!
  • Puppy Love
    We're not sure which is cuter, James Maslow or his oh-so-adorable puppy pal, Fox!
  • Gangs All Here!
    Kendall, Logan, Carlos, and James weren't the only ones being honored for their perfect performances. The whole supporting cast got to walk the Orange Carpet, too!
  • And the Award Goes To...
    Not only did BTR arrive to celebrate the premiere of Big Time Movie, but they received golden awards for their awesome achievements as a band.
  • We Want You!
    Is Gustavo rectuiting members to be in an all new Rocque Records boy band? Nah, he's just here to see the movie.
  • What a Knight!
    Challen Cates had a Big Time role in the movie, too. Hey, Kendall couldn't travel the world on tour without Mamma Knight!