Big Time Rush: Big Time Rescue Pictures photo album

  • Pet Rescue
    You can't lose when adopting a new furry friend also gets you access to meet these BTR cuties! Hands down, it's a win-win.
  • Not-So-Nice
    Oh-oh. James is upset, and Logan's face has "run for your life pet lady!" all over it.
  • Secret Mission
    Whatever Logan is whispering to James, we hope it involves a master plan for taking home those cuddly pups! It's obvious they're totally in WOOF with him.
  • Ol' Reliable
    James can always count on Logan's calm demeanor to help him get through any sticky situation. After all, isn't that what friends are for?
  • Jennifer's Little Pet
    Carlos's new girlfriend Jennifer is no easy walk in park. Lucky for her, Carlos is willing to put up with it in honor of their love!
  • Trouble in Paradise
    There's another pet that's in much need of a rescue, and Kendall and Jo take advantage of Jennifer's lack of attention (go figure!) to save him.
  • Nature's AC
    What better place to rehearse some killer moves than outside in nature's great backyard? Even if the guys break a sweat, they won't have to worry about not being able to cool off quickly. :)
  • Point and Shoot
    When you work hard, you play hard. It's just too bad that James's unsuspecting victim is about to get hit with some serious water power!
  • Mother's Instinct
    Motherly overload or not, this mom's number one concern is making sure her baby Kendall is always in tip-top health. Even if that means chasing after him to ensure his safety.
  • Family Photo
    Logan, James, Kendall and Carlos take a break from filming to pose (and climb!) for the camera. Any excuse for a group pic is always a good one when it comes to these four!
  • Tough Decisions
    They haven't even been together for long, but Carlos and Jennifer's relationship is already taking its toll. Sure, she might be having a good time, but where's the fun if everyone else is struggling?
  • Big Success
    Looks like the Doggie-Doption was a huge hit! Now, to get these twelve dogs home...