Big Time Tour: BTR Fan Highlights photo album

  • Paralyzed
    Germany was paralyzed while they waited for BTR to go on stage. Only a few more minutes guys!
  • Big Time Crushes
    The fans at the Erie County Fair were loving the boys and their dreamy smiles!
  • Lots Of Love
    Fans posed for the camera and showed just how much they love BTR. Some fans are looking for another Big Time Wedding!
  • Count On You
    BTR can always count on their fans to be at their concerts. One fan from Texas traveled to Vermont to show her love for Carlos. Now that's love!
  • Double Take
    Is that Carlos wait...It's a fan! This fan took it to the next level and got her very own helmet just like Carlos!
  • Fancy Fingers
    BTR will always be with this fan because shes got their faces on her nails! That is one big time manicure!
  • Big Time Twins
    These BTR fans are super adorable! Maybe we love them so much because they remind us of our 4 fave boys when they were little? Hmmm...
  • To Pick Or Not To Pick
    Who did James pick to go on stage with him? Fans went crazy waiting for him to choose. We wonder who the lucky fan was!
  • Kooky Kansas
    Fans in Hutchinson Kansas went bonkers for BTR. They were decked out in all their BTR gear. Awesome posters, guys!
  • Hands Up
    Everyone throw your hands in the air! Oh, wait...they're already there! These fans were ahead of the game, showing extra love for BTR.
  • Nothing Even Matters
    Nothing else matters when James is holding your hand on stage! Dream come true?...I think so! What a lucky fan!
  • All Smiles
    There's nothing but huge smiles in the BTR crowds. With 4 dreamy boys singing like that, who wouldn't be smiling?
  • Boyfriends
    These fans came prepared and they know what they want! They want big time boyfriends!
  • Big Night
    Glow necklaces, screaming fans, and awesome songs? Sounds like a Big Night for BTR fans!
  • Peace And Love
    Fans spread peace and love to their number one boys. Great thinkin' guys!
  • James Boosh?
    We think some fans are looking for another big time wedding with James! We're not so sure it's a good idea after the last wedding...
  • Rulin' The World
    If BTR ruled the world...That would be amazing! It looks like the fans agree!
  • Perfection
    Big Time Rush knows how to get the fans pumped. And these fans were ready for perfection!
  • Swag and Style
    These fans have BTR style. They def know how to work their Big Time Swagger! Way to go guys!
  • Halfway There
    These fans have the look, the posters, and they've got the drive! You're halfway there to being on stage guys!