Big Time Rush 'Better With U' Tour: New York City photo album

  • Jumpin' James
    The BTR boys are ready to jump back into action in New York City!!
  • Smoke and Music
    There might be smoke on the stage, but the Rush magic is real! We'd love to high five those hands!!
  • Solo Step
    Kendall looks a little lonely sitting on that step, and there are a million girls at Radio City Music Hall who would love to take a seat next to him!
  • Double Dancing
    With two views of the BTR boys, everyone in the crowd is actually thrilled to be seeing double!
  • Happy Volunteers
    These girls are more than happy to volunteer for a personal serenade, courtesy of BTR!
  • So Close, Yet So Far!
    It must feel like a dream to be feet away from Carlos, but dreams come true at Radio City!
  • City Style
    The boys bring their hippest gear to the fashion capital of the world, and the crowd is more than pleased!
  • Night Time Rush
    Rooftop galas in NYC are the best, and they can only get better when they're crashed by the BTR boys!
  • Cool Colors
    Forget black and yellow, these boys are making black and red the colors of the night as they continue to rock the Big Apple!
  • Stage Surfing
    Looks like Kendall is getting ready to bust a move...if only he'd surf the crowd instead!
  • 1D in the City
    Let's not forget the show openers who left their island to come to ours, the British boys of One Direction!!
  • Smilin' Niall
    1D bring their big bright smiles to greet the NYC fans, who are cheesing even wider at the boys!
  • Full House
    Looks like the Rushers lived up to their name, because the Radio City Show was completely SOLD OUT! Way to go guys!