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        Big Time Rush: Allegan, MI photo album

        • Put Your Hands Up
          The boys are reaching for the sky in Allegan, MI!
        • Duet Duo
          Carlos and Kendall were singing in perfect harmony during this awesome show in the Midwest.
        • Quadruple Four-ce
          When this fab four hits the stage, EVERYBODY feels the rush!
        • Do You Hear That?
          What's that you hear, Kendall?'s just thousands of screaming fans. Nbd.
        • Peace Out!
          Logan makes peace with the crowd as the end another big time number. There BETTER be another song after this!
        • Strummin' Strings
          Kendall grabs his guitar to play acoustic for the crowd in Michigan.
        • Big Time Birthday
          Roses are red (err, yellow), violets are blue, happy birthday dear James, happy birthday to you!
        • Everybody Jump!
          It's so fun to hip-hop to these awesome BTR beats. Isn't it?
        • Watch Your Step
          The boys are taking over Allegan, Michigan one step at a time!
        • Fan-tabulous
          This lucky fan had the time of her life getting serenade on stage by BTR.
        • Freeze Frame
          The boys ended the show posing for their traditional pic with the crowd in MI. This one's a keeper!
        • Ready For Confetti?
          It's time for a big finale fetti party! Woooo!