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        Big Time Rush: Allentown, PA photo album

        • Show Time
          Hello Pennsylvania! It's time for another awesome BTR tour stop in Allentown, PA!
        • Tuning In
          The boys tune up their pipes before belting out their first song.
        • Turn Up the Tempo
          And it's time to dance! When the boys started steppin' to the beat, the crowd went totally wild!
        • All Smiles
          James was grinning ear to ear once he saw all the fans that showed up for this PA show.
        • Turning Point
          When Kendall took the mic, it was the point of no return. The show was about to get epic!
        • Song From the Heart
          James sang a heartfelt song for his fans while Kendall jammed out on the guitar.
        • Changing It Up
          After a quick costume change, James was back to the mic for more BTR tunes!
        • Tour Trends
          What do you think about Carlos Pena's tour threads? We're diggin' the Pennsylvania plaid!
        • Gimme Five!
          We wish we could give these four boys a big high five for one stupendous performance.
        • Four-ever
          These four boys will always be our fave band mates of all time. No matter what!
        • Carlos Connection
          When Carlos sings to the audience, every gal in the crowd gets butterflies.
        • Knockout
          This PA performance packed a mean punch! They totally rocked the house.