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        Big Time Rush On Summer Tour photo album

        • Following the Crowd
          The boys of Big Time Rush are getting the crowd ready for another pumped-up performance. Now everybody do the wave!
        • Here Today, Oregon Tomorrow
          Big Time Rush (and their cute back-up band members) are hitting up different cities worldwide! But they'll never forget this awesome show in Central Point, OR.
        • Turlock Rocked!
          Here are the boys with their fans after another perfect performance in Turlock, California.
        • Costa to Coast
          The fans were in a frenzy after the show in Costa Mesa, California. B-T-R! B-T-R! B-T-R!
        • Kansas City Is Ours
          The BTR boys may not be in Kansas anymore, but they were in this pic! Here they are hangin' with the crowd in Kansas City.
        • Playing Fair
          The boys made sure to perform all their famous tracks for the crowd at the Delaware State Fair. And this crowd looks like they had a fair-ly good time!
        • Colorado Kings
          BTR completely wowed the crowd in Colorado! Then they struck another awesome pose with their devoted Denver fans.
        • Meet BTR in St. Louis
          BTR took these fans on the ride of their life during this theme park performance in St. Louis.
        • Ohio-M-G
          And the BTR boys completely shocked and rocked the crowd in Ohio with one of their biggest blowout performances yet!