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        Big Time Rush: Illinois photo album

        • Make Some Illi-Noise!
          The BTR boys just hit the stage in Illinois, and this crowd was even louder than the last!
        • Will Sing 4 Hugs
          We found some Logan lovers in the audience who were prepared to take to the mic for some BTR bear hugs.
        • Star Struck
          This lucky fan was in panic mode when she was chosen to climb up on stage for a BTR serenade. Hey, we'd freak out too!
        • All the World's a Stage
          These boys are getting pretty used to living their lives on stage this summer. And they're loving every minute of it!
        • Maslow's Melody
          James Maslow isn't just any kinda guy. He's one of the sweetest singers in the biz.
        • Hendersong
          Logan's got some serious talent, and he's not afraid to show it!
        • Big Night
          Every night's a big night, as long as Carlos and the boys are on tour!
        • Perfect Match
          Every gal in this crowd wishes a BTR boy could be their b-b-b-boyfriend. They've even got matching shirts to prove it!