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        Big Time Rush: Indiana State Fair photo album

        • Fairest of Them All
          When Big Time Rush took to the stage at the Indiana State Fair, nothing could steal their spotlight.
        • Triple Threat
          Kendall can sing, dance, AND play the guitar. And he looks pretty good while doin' it, too.
        • Big Time Crush
          When James takes to the mic you've better grab a net, 'cause you're about to get some serious butterflies!
        • Shining Star
          Logan was shining so bright during this acoustic performance, he had to throw on a pair of shades.
        • All Smiles
          Carlos couldn't be happier to be standing in one of his favorite places in the world...on the stage!
        • In-Tune
          The boys sang in perfect harmony while taking a seat for an acoustic tune.
        • First Thing's First
          When it comes to touring boy bands, BTR knows exactly where they rank.
        • I Spy
          It's a bird! It's a plane! No...It's just thousands of screaming fans.
        • Read the Signs
          How much do fans love the boys of BTR? Well, just read the signs!
        • Ready to Rock
          When Kendall takes over the guitar, get ready to jam!
        • Get in the Groove
          BTR just sung their way into our hearts. And now it's time for some big time moves!
        • Cuddling Carlos
          This fan got the chance to give Carlos a big time hug?! We're SO jeal.
        • Fan-tastic!
          What's a rockin' concert without a crowd full of fabulous fans? The BTR boys made sure to give their awesome crowd a shout-out while posing for this pic.
        • Take a Bow
          After this blowout performance, the crowd gave the boys one great, big (time) standing ovation!
        • BTR Number Crunching
          Here's four GFs in need of four BFs...You do the math.
        • Fair Finale
          Even though this fair fiesta is over, the boys are headed back on the road to bring the rush to another stage!