Big Time Rush: Mexico City photo album

  • Game On!
    Bieber and the boys battled it out in a backstage hacky sack challenge before the show kicked off.
  • Big Time Biebs
    It's time for Bieber to go Big Time! This just might be the best concert of our life...
  • Viva Mexico!
    The spotlight is on Big Time Rush as they take over Mexico City!
  • Never Say Never
    We never thought BTR and Bieber would actually come together in one epic show. But in Mexico City, our dream finally came true!
  • One Time
    For "One-Time" only, Big Time Rush took to the stage with JB to give their fans the ultimate Rush!
  • Smooth Moves
    Did the BTR boys teach some of their signature moves to Justin? Well, either way, they definitely showed off all their best moves on stage.
  • Somebody To Love
    Justin, we've already found "Somebody To Love". And he goes by the name of Carlos Pena!
  • Perfect Playlist
    From "Baby" to "Boyfriend" all our favorite songs were played in this awesome line-up.
  • Reach for the Stars
    After a jam-packed tour stop like this, BTR is more "Famous" than ever before!
  • Super Stage
    This Big Time show called for an epic arena. There were thousands of fans waiting to hear the boys belt out their tunes!
  • Go for the Gold!
    While touring in Mexico City, the boys also celebrated their album going gold! Congrats, guys!
  • Crowd Charmer
    Carlos Pena takes over the arena while he serenades fans with his vocal chops.
  • Sing It!
    Kendall turns the mic over to thousands of screming fans in the stands.
  • Crowd Control
    Caution: Bieber and BTR fans can not, and will not be contained!
  • Flashing Lights
    When the sun went down, all Logan could see was flashing lights coming from this colossal crowd!
  • Magical Moment
    When Carlos took the mic, it was a picture pefect moment...Literally!
  • Going Big Time
    It's official. This is one of BTR's biggest concert crowds yet!
  • Made in the Shade
    When you're this Big Time, you start to cast a pretty big shadow!