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        Big Time Rush: St. Paul, MN photo album

        • City Is Ours
          Get ready Minnesota, 'cause there's a Big Time tour hitting YOUR town!
        • Hats Off To James
          Hey! We can't your gorgeous hair with that hat on, James. Oh well, you still sing bea-utifully.
        • On the Move
          Talk about taking a step in the right direction. We love BTR more and more with every move they make!
        • Fantastic Four
          Now that Kendall's back in business, there's no stopping this quartet of star power!
        • Big Time Row-ard
          There's major perks to sitting the the front row at a BTR concert. You just might get to shake hands with Kendall and James!
        • Heart-to-Heart
          We know all the BTR lyrics by heart, and Carlos knows it!
        • Shake It Up!
          Carlos was having a blast shakin' it up on stage with his tambourine.
        • Pick Me!
          This fan's gotta plan to meet BTR and she's not taking 'No' for an answer!
        • Put Your Hands Up
          Sandwiched between four BTR boys? Hey, we'll give you a high five for that one!
        • La La Land
          After James serenaded this lucky fan on stage, she had a hard time getting her head out of the clouds.
        • Glow In the Dark
          Is it dark in here? Or is it just us? Well, at least BTR is lighting it up on stage.
        • Grand FANale
          The boys always end each big time concert with a pic with their fans. Say cheese, Minnesota!