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        Big Time Rush: Long Island, New York photo album

        • Speaker Sneakers
          James showed off his best moves for the crowd while shakin' his kicks on the sound system.
        • We Want BTR!
          The crowd waited patiently for the big time performance to begin. The anticipation is killing us!
        • Hello New York!
          When the boys took to the stage there was no stopping the rush in Long Island, NY.
        • Feel Better Kendall!
          Although Kendall missed this performance because he felt under the weather, these three boys still stormed the stage in style. Get well soon, KS!
        • H2O T.O
          Time out! Logan needs a little break to re-hydrate!...All this dancing can make a guy thirsty!
        • Fan Flattery
          James was all smiles when he heard all his big time crushers shouting to him from the audience.
        • Security Breach!
          When Carlos stepped off stage to greet the audience, all the fans went wild!
        • Let's Get Loud!
          You know what time it is??...It's time to feel the rush!
        • Dancing On Air
          These boys may have been dancing on stage, but while they performed we were dancing on air!
        • Perfect Pipes
          When BTR belts out their best on stage, it's like music to our ears. Literally!
        • Crushy Choreography
          These boys know just how to dance their way into our hearts!
        • Loco for Logan
          These fans went totally bonkers when Logan stepped off stage and breezed by the crowd.