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        Big Time Rush: Jackson, NJ photo album

        • Thrill Ride
          This crowd at Six Flags amusement park in Jackson, NJ is about to feel the ultimate thrill when BTR takes to the stage!
        • Star Astray
          Carlos stepped away from the rest of the boys to pose for a cute performace pic! Hi Carlos:).
        • Strummin' Along
          Kendall straps back on his guitar for another acoustic tour performance.
        • Groovy Moves
          After they played their Famous slow jams, the boys picked up the tempo and got their groove on!
        • Lovable Lyrics
          Don't you just love BTR's lyrics? We could sing along all night! B-b-b-b-boyfriend...
        • Hop To It
          The BTR boys love to jump around on stage. And we love to hop to the beat right along with them!
        • Front and Center
          We had the perfect view of the fab four during this tour performance. We could see every big time move.
        • Flock of Fans
          They say that three's a crowd, but this crowd is three times bigger than any crowd we've seen!
        • )Work Is Play
          These boys may be in a different city every night, but performing for their fans is one of BTR's favorite pastimes!
        • Everybody Scream!
          If you had a blast while watching this show, then scream as loud as you can! Ouch, we might need earplugs for this...
        • NJ Loves BTR
          The fans of Jackson, New Jersey showed their love for BTR while posing for this fun finale pic.
        • Fan-fetti
          This show went out with a bang. Literally! A finale of confetti erupted over the crowd at the end of the performance. The perfect end to a perfect night.