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        Big Time Rush: Vermont photo album

        • Thick As Thieves
          We know Carlos is used to stealing the show, but now he's stealing the mic! Good thing these tour buds are so chummy, they have no prob sharing.
        • Tuning Up
          The boys strike a perfect chord while warming up the mics on stage.
        • Center Stage
          Okay, Vermont! Let's get ready to rock! Everybody say, B-T-R! B-T-R!
        • Concert Checklist
          Awesome back-up band? Check. Sweet stage lighting? Check. Four hunky singers with rockin' dance moves? Check!
        • Show Pose
          The boys strike a pose after one of their "Famous" dance numbers.
        • The In Crowd
          Logan gives it up for one of the best crowds they've had on tour yet!
        • In the Groove
          Once these boys started kickin' up the choreography, the show stepped up to a whole new level.
        • Feel the Rush
          Sure, ferris wheels and rollercoasters are fun and all. But nothing gives us a Rush like the boys of BTR!
        • Leader of the Pack
          Carlos takes the lead during this big time song and dance.
        • We've Got Your Back
          No matter what happens, we'll always stand behind BTR. And so will this humungo crowd of fans from Vermont!
        • Road Ritual
          These boys can't leave a city without posing for their finale pic with their fans. It's becoming a Big Time tour tradition!
        • What A Show!
          By the looks of things, this may have been the boys' most favorite show yet!