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        Big Time Rush: West Virginia photo album

        • Headed West
          It's time to bring the rush to West Virginia. Get ready for a Big Night, everyone!
        • Rest Assured
          Phew! Looks like all this crazy choreography has got Logan a little bit tired. But don't worry, he'll be back at it in no time.
        • Star Power
          When Kendall plays his guitar, he's got us all on a string...
        • Lucky Lady
          At each show, the boys pull a lucky fan on stage for a special serenade. Can we be next? Pleeeease?!
        • Sing-a-Long
          Kendall stepped into the spotlight and led the crowd in singing, "B-b-b-b-boyfriend".
        • In Conchord
          When Carlos is on the mic, we're always singing the same tune.
        • Say Cheese!
          The boys take this awesome pic at every show to remember the crowd. Can you spot us in the back??
        • Maslow Glow
          James really lit up the stage when he took to the mic. Isn't he dreamy? Sigh...
        • Gorgeous Grin
          Who could resist James Maslow's perfect smile? Not us!
        • Rush Hour
          Carlos knows just how to hype up the crowd at this concert. Now when we say "Big Time", you say "Rush"!
        • Total Takeover
          It's official. BTR can now add West Virginia on their "This City Is Ours" list.
        • In the Spotlight
          So this is what it looks like to be a "Famous" performer playing for thousands of fans...