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        Big Time Rush: York, PA photo album

        • City Slide
          The boys of Big Time Rush are gliding their way onto the stage in York, PA!
        • Hello York!
          Kendall greets the fans before the band picks up the beat for their second number.
        • Rolling the Dice
          Is this a new dance move for James or is he getting ready to roll a three and a five?
        • Pearly Whites
          James shoots a gorgeous grin off stage to one of his fans.
        • Magic Tricks
          Whoa! Is it just us? Or does James looks like he's floating in mid air? Amazing!
        • Leap of Faith
          It looks like the BTR boys are about to jump ship! Into a sea of screaming fans, that is...
        • High Jump
          The boys gave a leap for joy on stage. But who do you think jumped the highest? Looks like James might be the winner...
        • Beyond Reach
          Fans tried to grab a hold of James while he belted out a solo.
        • Get A Grip!
          Kendall gave his fans a firm handshake while serenading them on the edge of the stage.
        • Headlocked
          Is Kendall giving this fan a big time hug? Or is he trying out a new wrestling move?
        • Special Someone
          This isn't Any Kind of Guy...this is Logan Henderson! Isn't he a dream?
        • Give It Up For York, PA!
          We spy someone looking for a b-b-b-boyfriend in this finale pic! Can you spot her?