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        Big Time Rush: WWDOP Performance! photo album

        • Huddle Up!
          Every great performance starts with a great pre-show huddle!
        • Checklist
          The boys choose which songs to sing for all their fellow Nick celebs and fans at WWDOP.
        • Stage Presence
          No matter if they're on tour or at the nation's capital, these boys always put on a flawless performance.
        • First Place
          Big Time Rush may only be Halfway There, but we can already tell who's winning this race!
        • Dance Party!
          It's time for a Nick Stars dance party at the BTR concert. Does it get any cooler than this?
        • High Kicks
          Judging by these high kicks, Daniella and Ariana must have been training with the Supah Ninjas.
        • Do the Wave
          These boys may look like they're waving goodbye. But there's still plenty of time to play!
        • Worldwide
          Big Time Rush belted out their hit, Worldwide, at Worldwide Day of Play. Hey, if the shoe fits!
        • Play Our Song!
          Are you in tune with BTR? Then which song is your ultimate fave?
        • All The World's A Stage
          Kendall's got all he needs in the world...A stage, a mic, and all his Nick family members cheering him on in the crowd!
        • Hands Up!
          BTR is teaching some boy band dance moves to their fellow celebs in the crowd. Everybody, right hand up!
        • Move Your Feet
          Dance like you've never danced before! FYI, dancing counts as an active activity.
        • No End In Sight
          Is this the end of BTR's WWDOP performance? Nah, they've still got a few more songs up their sleeves. Phew!
        • Funky Muncky
          Everybody do the Funky Muncky! At least, that's what we're Nick-naming this dance move of Noah's.
        • Round of Applause
          Victoria claps for BTR and the rest of the stars go wild and crazy!
        • Make It Shine, One More Time!
          Victoria may sing "All I Want Is Everything', but now all she wants is a BTR encore!
        • WIsh Come True
          It looks like Victoria's wish is coming true. Big Time Rush is heading back to the stage for one more song.
        • Judges Table
          We give Big Time Rush a solid '10' for this unforgettable WWDOP performance. Bravo!