A Fairly Odd Christmas: Photos from the Movie! photo album

  • BRRRinging the Heat
    Backpack? Check! Matching warm fuzzy jackets? Check! These elves are in style and fully prepared for this North Pole adventure.
  • Trouble on the Mountain
    Oh no! Not only does that climb scream snow-valanche, but why is mean old Crocker following them? This CANNOT be good!
  • Jolly Mix-Up
    Don't be fooled by the Santa and elf look-a-like. To the keen eye, it's obvious that these two are just imposters!
  • Home Is Where the Cocoa Is
    Ho ho ho! Welcome to Dimmsdale, the Christmassy town of sugar and spice, and everything nice!
  • Double Trouble
    It's no use trying to punk these elves. They can whiff out trouble soon as they see it!
  • Crocker Popsicle
    Brrr! They say evil guys always finish last, but in Santa Town, evil guys get completely frozen over!
  • Suspicious Activity
    If Crocker is doing a happy dance, it can only mean one thing - run the other way!
  • Caution: Tread Lightly
    Whoever is responsible for making this little elf frown has no idea what they've gotten themselves into. Prepare for a battle of elfic proportions!
  • Prime Suspect
    Santa Clause's hometown is definitely as snowy and cheery as they say, but lately, there's been a problem. Word around the pole is that 'problem' looks exactly like Timmy Turner.
  • Team X-mas
    Sure, there's a 2,000 year old feud between the elves and the fairies, but isn't Christmas the season to be jolly? If the holiday is in danger, everyone needs to work together!
  • Fingers Crossed
    Timmy's wish granting business put him on Santa's Naughty List, but maybe Elmer the Elder Elf, the keeper of the list, will have a change of heart...
  • A Christmas Miracle
    What other holiday do you know that's powerful enough to turn a Grinch into a good guy? In good faith, we hope Crocker never goes back to his old creepy ways!
  • Partners in Crime
    Saving Christmas is no easy task, but for Timmy, there's no better reward than a mistletoe kiss from Tootie.
  • The Gift of Giving
    There's nothing odd about this gift! Wanda and Cosmo know just the perfect present to warm up Crocker's heart.
  • Did Someone Say Snowball Fight?!
    Tootie, Timmy and Crocker had a bit of an icy slip-up, but it's now or never for some good old fun in the snow.
  • Normal Woes
    Working in Santa's workshop requires a lot of work and attention to detail. Unfortunately, these fairy godparent's are unable to use their powers, and must work without any magic.
  • It Takes Two
    They may not have the best history, but Timmy and his unstable school teacher are putting their differences aside to save the holiday and bring happiness to the world!
  • Big Kid, Big Dreams
    Even for a kid who's used to making other people's dreams comes true, Timmy has no trouble lapping it up on Santa for a wish or two of his own...