Family BrainSurge: Pictures from the Set! photo album

  • Taking a Stand
    The BrainSurge podiums went under some slight SURGEry, and now they can fit the whole family!
  • The World's a Stage
    Wow, this new family-sized stage is totally awesome! Let the games begin.
  • Face-Off
    The face wall is bigger, better, and brainier than ever before. Perfect for a family face-off.
  • Brain Drain Gain
    The Family BrainSurge brain drain is longer and faster than ever. Suds up!
  • Can You Ear Me?
    Family function is all about listening. And with these big ears, you'll have no problem hearing each other out!
  • All Hands On Deck
    These super-sized chairs sure come in handy. They're big enough to fit TWO of our family's finest brainiacs.
  • Sud Flood
    All families beware. If you have too many surging slip-ups, you might find yourself floating in a flood of suds!
  • Feet First
    Keep your hands and arms inside the slide at all times, 'cause this brain drain dip might cause you to slip!
  • Don't Look Down
    What are you waiting for? Take the plunge! We promise it will be filled with foamy fun.
  • Facing the Challenge
    When families come face-to-face with the Face Wall, it'll be time to get their heads in the game.
  • Take Your Seats
    On Family BrainSurge, we've got all our favorite families right in the palm of our hands!
  • Memories in the Making
    These families will always look back on their fond memories of battling the Memory Floor!