Big Time Rush on Figure It Out photo album

  • Big Time Photo
    Our Big Time Rush panel poses with Jeff before they get down and dirty with slime!
  • Rush Portrait!
    BTR poses for a wacky family picture before the show.
  • Round of Applause
    Our BTR panel gets ready for some fun, games, and slime with a round of applause.
  • Ughh Logan!
    Logan can't believe what just happened!
  • Creative Accessorizing
    Kendall and James are having fun with their hats and ear muffs. Let us in on that action!
  • Number #1!
    James is ecstatic he got a clue. But will he Figure it Out?
  • Slime Fountain
    Kendall gets a good serving of green slime. He looks good in it, right?
  • Everyone but James
    James gives us the thumbs up as he knows he's not getting slimed.
  • Slime for All
    The audiences gets in on some slime action courtesy of BTR's own James Maslow!
  • Hear No Slime
    Our BTR panel plugs their ears in anticipation of a clue!
  • Vacuum Run
    Kendall, Carlos, and Jeff are pumped to test out Kyle's hidden talent!