Figure It Out: Celebrity Panelists photo album

  • All Smiles
    "Figure It Out" host, Jeff Sutphen, joins some of our fave Nick stars for a slime-free group pic before the start of the show!
  • Secret-Talent Brainiac
    Got a super secret hidden talent? No problem! Cymphonique Miller's funky cool glasses will help her see through it all and figure it out!
  • Figglemania
    Blow the horns, because your favorite high-pitched teenager is in the house! And he's determined to peace-out the place like a winner!
  • Lulu Hatter
    How To Rock's Lulu Antariksa's killer guitar skills wont help her in this game. She'll have to put her thinking hat on to guess the hidden talent of a child contestant!
  • Keeping The Peace
    When the game calls for pitting kids against a panel of celebrities for ultimate winner, things can get pretty crazy!
  • Go Crazy!
    ...'Cause the fun never stops here! And you know those full-body suits can only mean one thing!
  • Hard Hat Area
    If we were Lulu, we'd put that yellow hard hat on because that's the face of someone whose about to get SLIMED! Woohoo!
  • Star Power
    Victorious peeps Matt Bennett and Victoria Justice join Lulu and Rachel Crow for some serious brainstorming. With all the bizarre talents the contestants have, it pays to work together!
  • 'Yes' Man
    Or shall we say lady? To Figure It Out, the stars have to ask 'yes' or 'no' questions, and Victoria seems to know all the right questions to ask!
  • Backstage Fun
    The Nick stars gang take a break backstage to chat with our camera crew. Just watch the boom pole!
  • Star Winner
    Matt decides to take a bid on what the secret talent is. Will he be right, or will he be totally stumped?!
  • ORANGE-ya Glad You Wore Orange?!
    Drake and Josh's very own Drake Bell made an appearance at the show, rocking our favorite color!
  • Woah Noah!
    Watch out! iCarly's Noah Munck is ditching shirtless Gibby to layer up and get down to business.
  • Poor Max
    LOL...Max Schneider's facial expression is somewhere between, "Does your secret talent involves a pogo stick" and "Umm, I'm totally stumped!"