Figure It Out: Show Shenanigans photo album

  • Clues Galore
    First clue: Funky bouncing balls! Can our celeb panelist figure it out?
  • Justice is Served
    Matt Bennett and Lulu Antariksa watch on as Victoria Justice gets some well-deserved slime shower.
  • Complimentary Colors
    Victoria Justice proudly shows off her newest wardrobe accessory -- a lot of green slime!
  • All Valves Open
    The audience is clearly cheering for more slime. Our celebrity panel seems to like all of that slime action!
  • Bubble Brain Time
    How to Rock's Lulu Antariksa and Fred's Jake Weary explore the potential uses of their clues.
  • Slime Five!
    Fred's very own Lucas Cruikshank and Lulu Antariksa share a very gooey post-slime high five!
  • For the Camera
    Lulu and Jake show off their new slimed looks in front of the camera. Go green!
  • Slime of Honor
    Figure It Out's host, Jeff Sutphen, gets in on the Word of Honor slime action with our contestant Shay.
  • Slime-tactular-time
    Not even this high-pitched teenager is safe from the super secret slime action. Look at that facial expression! Isn't that slime-tactular?
  • On The Air
    We get a sneak peek of how our favorite gameshow operates! Those are some fancy cool cameras.
  • Let The Games Begin!
    We'd like think Jeff Sutphen is pumped about our Nick Stars and contestants getting slimed. That's definitely something to cheer for!
  • Slime! Slime! And More Slime!
    Look at the audience peer on as our celebrity panel gets some green lovin'!